Sunday, January 30, 2011


The idea if 21st century learning is essential to the way that teachers implement learning activities in their classrooms. The examples used by the Trilling and Fadel allow the reader to see what different activities will look like when they are executed successfully with 21st century learners in mind. It is difficult to take the mindset of a teacher from what teaching has been and incorporate new tools to make teaching more appropriate for the 21st century student. However, Trilling and Fadel offer different techniques through graphic organizers that allow for anyone who is interested in taking up teaching 21st century skills the opportunity and the access to ideas and methods to do that. Part two where Trilling and Fadel discussed what the different types of 21st century skills are, break them down, and make them more understandable to someone who needs to access the minds of students is really helpful even as someone who has grown up with constant computer access in the current generation. I think that without explicit intention I have attempted to incorportate the different 21st century skills such as learning and innovation skills, digital literacy skills, and career and life skills into my classroom through project based learning and authentic assessment. Overall, I think this book was very helpful if incorporated and even though it was a little dry, there was a good deal of information and stories to make it more comprehendable to the reader.

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